Hi! My name is Amber, welcome to my blog! What will you find here? This is my way of navigating through the world of infertility, a place I never imagined I would be.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with PCOS, something I knew little about at the time but had been impacting my life since I was 15. This blog is my way of dealing with the stress and heartache of what I personally am going through, but it’s also a place to share my hope of whats to come with my supporters and those in a similar situation.

Why ‘Planting Our Poppy Seeds’?

When I was thinking of what to call my blog I started thinking about what my biggest wish currently is while on this journey to conceive. My mind instantly went to wishing for that positive pregnancy test 2 weeks after getting our next fertility treatment. When that day comes, I’d essentially¬†be 4 weeks pregnant. When you google what pregnancy is like at 4 weeks, one common thing you’ll find is that your baby is about the size of a poppy seed. I thought that was adorable and from here on out will be thinking of every treatment as a new chance for us to ‘plant our poppy seed’.