My Ovaries Are The Size Of Oranges!

Last I updated, I was waiting for my period to start so I could begin my injections for our first round of IVF. Well it’s been over a week and a half since I started my needles and I can say that I’m getting very close to having my egg retrieval. I know this not only because of what the doctors are telling me (obviously) but because of how I can feel my ovaries with every step I take. Thanks to my PCOS and the amount of follicles I have developing, my ovaries are literally the size of oranges.

So some people I have talked to since opening up about what we are going through don’t fully understand what my body will be going through with IVF. They know its the ‘test tube baby’ but they are not completely sure how we get to that stage. So here is a quick ‘Amber’ version of what I am currently going through and what is to come in the next week.

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Where To Now?

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. Thank you to everyone who has stopped me and said a kind word and for your prayers and well wishes. You are all part of a wonderful support system for hubby and I and we truly appreciate you all as we begin our next chapter.

If you’ve been following our story then you know DH and I are onto the next step in our fertility journey; IVF. Earlier this year we were referred to the Regional Fertility Program (RFP) in Calgary. Thankfully our wait wasn’t too long, less than 3 months and we were headed up to Calgary for our initial appointments.

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